Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nick Hibbing retires

I have to admit the news of Nick Hibbing retiring is disappointing.  He was just drafted last year.  My draft review shows my excitement for this mid teen round pick.  He was big in the run Iowa made last year.  He was their closer, and they would just give him the ball and he usually got it done.  Even if it meant going three innings, and routinely two in the big games.  Now he did not have great K rates or ground ball rates, but he did get outs without runs.  He did it in college, and he was doing it in Short Season A ball.  He had a sub 2 ERA and I still thought he had a chance to make the team one day as a mid reliever.  He may have even been a guy who could have moved up the ladder fairly quickly.  Even if he was just a AAAA depth option in the pen, that should have kept him in the game.  One wonders why he decided to retire this week.  I wish him well in his life, but I think he could have been an addition to the Pirates farm system.