Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome Back Baseball!

It is everyone's favorite day: Opening Day. 

Don't give me any of that opening night mumbo jumbo, I want opening day.  And we got it today.  The Pirates win.  And we did it just like we did last year: strong pitching, great bullpen, and no offense. 

Lirano was fabulous with 10 K's.  The Bullpen was great with another dominating look from Grilli and company with last year's not-so-good Brian Morris raking in the win. 

And the bats, well what can you say?  It usually takes some time to heat up.  Marte and McCutchen both got hits.  Two from our new 1B platoon.  And the big blast from Neil Walker.  More power from Neil would be a welcome thing this year.  Alvarez had multiple strikeouts on the down side.  He did hit the ball hard once, but right at the short stop who was playing straight up the middle. 

The only real take away is that we are 1-0 and just beat the Cubs ace.  Day off tomorrow, and so the bullpen should be back to full strength for game 2. 

Enjoy the baseball day.  It is much easier to do so after a win.